In this gif, a black man is chilling on a boat and suddenly turning around, twice, with a very funny and surprised expression. This gif is from the movie Caddyshack, a 1980 American sports comedy film with Chevy Chase (as Ty Webb), Rodney Dangerfield (as Al Czervik), Ted Knight (as Judge Elihu Smails), Michael O’Keefe (as Danny Noonan) and Bill Murray (as Carl Spackler)

[tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”left” description=”You can use this gif when something you have seen surprise you. Also, it has been used many times to make fun telling someone KFC it is closing”][/tagline_box]

Watch the Caddyshack boat scene

[youtube id=”MVL4wKnpx2U” width=”600″ height=”350″]