When I get distracted playing Flappy bird

When I get distracted playing Flappy Bird

Game Over… Score Zero… Share button?? WTF! Why in hell would I share me score? Seriously!
Flappy bird share score of zero

When I loose playing Flappy bird I don’t want to share my score of zero

 Getting angry at Flappy Bird and smashing my phone into the wall
Angry at Flappy Bird smashing phone into wall

Broken iphone playing Flappy bird
after that my phone it is out, so I need to buy a new one…

But them, I play again, I loose again, I get angry again and I smash my new phone with a hammer
Smashing phone with hammer after playing Flappy Bird

And it’s always the same. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s like if the columns are programmed to crush you.
Smashing columns killing Flappy bird

So fuck this game, i can’t afford buying a phone every week
Flappy bird anger

After a lot of hours and money spend playing Flappy Bird I find out it has been removed from app strore… The creator keep saying he feels bad for people that are addicted to the game, but he happily keeping the $50,000 he is making per day from the game. If he feels so bad, why he doesn’t donate the money.

This game kind of look like a rip of Super Mario Bros, so a lot of people are saying that the creator of the game didn’t remove if because he is feeling so terrible about Flappy bird addiction… It’s more like if Nintendo went after him to crush he game same way he is killing our time.

Mario and Princess Peach watching Flappy Bird die
Maria and Princess Peach watching Flappy Bird die

Yoshi eats Flappy Bird
Yoshi eats Flappy bird

Mario kills Flappy Bird (Mama Mia! It’s a-me, Mario! Thank you so much for playing my game! Now die!)
Mario kills Flappy bird

 And my favorite one, Chucl Norris vs Flappy Bird! Chuck Norris Wins

Chuck Norris vs Flappy Bird

 Watch some funny Flappy bird videos

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